• Digital Transformation is a Business Transformation

    Digital transformation is a buzzword – and one, that we ourselves use to define our entire identity with. Reality is, that Digital transformation is an illusion - unless it’s backed by a genuine Business transformation, rethinking the entire company, turning its ideas, strategies and organization upside down and inside out.

  • The power of a trusted brand

    With consumers increasingly suspicious of companies, politics and media, there is a growing need for reliable brands. Marketers who build their customer experience strategy around building trust will do well in 2018.

  • How to bridge the online-offline retail gap: 6 ways to measure ROPO effects

    Recently, I paid a visit to a well-known international retailer to buy a new TV set. Without talking to a sales person and within 10 minutes, I was back outside with a television under my arm (it was a small one). You see, I had already done extensive research on various websites before going to the shop. I mean, who these days makes a purchase in a shop without first doing research online?

  • 538 and The Sound of Data

    The nature of media consumption is changing rapidly, and the choice today is huge. Something (Dutch) music entertainment brand 538 is also very aware of. We flit from source to source in search of our music and entertainment fix: radio, TV, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, internet radio. The moment determines what you log into for your beats.

  • Why Chatbots Are the Future of Retail and Marketing

    Many companies have predicted 2017 to be the year when ‘conversational commerce’ takes its first baby steps on commercial ground. With Facebook launching Messenger 2.0 in April, it is relatively safe to claim that the prediction was correct. The real question might be how companies should relate to this technology at such an early stage. Are chatbots really that important, and of what use could they be to your brand?

  • Why Killing Dinosaurs Can Help You Become a Thought Leader

    Why Killing Dinosaurs Can Help You Become a Thought Leader

    Recently I attended ‘Internet in focus’, a two-day event focusing on web and digital marketing. The theme for this year's edition was new trends, and how today’s consumption patterns are changing the demands on our companies’ technology, usability and content. Much of it might not be news (seems like Darwin had it figured out 200 years ago), but at least it helped confirm why digitalization is crucial for companies to survive in today's society.

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