• Changing the Real Estate Market

    Reports show that the global housing boom we’ve experienced in recent years is losing its momentum. Could this be the long-awaited opening for the real estate industry to join the rest of us in the digital age? The possibilities are definitely there.

  • Valtech_Suite at Adobe Summit 2017

    Valtech_Suite at Adobe Summit 2017

    At Valtech, we feel like engagement at every touch-point is where the travel and hospitality industry is going. Through the Valtech_Suite experience we are figuring out how to make this customer journey as fluid as possible.

  • Millennials - Digital & Connected, But Different.

    Millennials - Digital & Connected, But Different.

    Well at least I am. I was born with a mobile device in my hand, losing it would literary be like losing a limb. I am what most of you retailers call ‘a pain in the ass’ and what my parents call ‘over dramatic’. I am sure I have giving you a hard time. But now, I want to help you. I want to clarify something about me that will probably surprise you.

  • How The Ninja Turtles Can Help You Better Target Millennials!

    Hello marketers. I’m a millennial. I consume a big amount of your content, but loose interest in under 10 seconds. Why? Because your demographic was too broad to be relevant. Maybe the Ninja Turtles can help me here - sounds weird? I guess, but it could help you win back our hearts with your content!

  • Meet My Shopping Assistant - My Phone!

    You’ve probably seen me in your store a couple of times, with eyes glued to a four-inch screen and fingers tapping and snapping as I walk around. To say I am ‘in love’ with my phone would be an understatement – I am rather obsessed!

  • Confessions of a Millennial

    Confessions of a Millennial

    Are brick-and-mortar stores dying? Getting eaten by ecommerce? Some would say yes. But us "Millennials" don’t agree. We simply can’t have one without the other!

  • Happy Customer, Happy Airport

    Happy Customer, Happy Airport

    Without a doubt, airports are in the lucky position of having a ‘captive audience.’ But just because passengers are trapped in an airport doesn’t mean they will necessarily shop there – especially not the connected travellers. They need to be placed in a shopping mood first.

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