Casa Connect

Caleo: an intelligent thermostat for cold winters

Casa Connect

Casa Connect is a Canadian company that is revolutionizing the management of residential and commercial electricity consumption.

Invaluable during cold Canadian winters

Casa Connect launches an online, high-voltage, connected thermostat for baseboard heaters, radiators, air convection units and space heaters. The thermostat centralizes and analyzes data on electricity consumption to adjust consumption habits as needed. To penetrate the market quickly, Casa wanted to deliver a simple product with a minimum of interfaces, with a reliable, secure and functional ecosystem.

Interface design and deploying IoT platforms

The team took just six months to come up with and complete the entire digital ecosystem for the product: a website, a mobile app and touch interfaces on the thermostat. Agile processes were used for the technology definition and development phases, working to clear specifications.

An object with a clean, simple design

Thanks to wireless connectivity, users now have an overview of the heating in their home and can check energy consumption for heating at a glance, estimate their next electricity bill, remotely control temperature and check humidity for optimal comfort. With its clean design, and no unsightly buttons or access panel, Caleo offers a new virtual experience with a colour touchscreen and unique interface.