Canadian Football League

CFL Mobile App with Fan-Focused Features

Canadian Football League

The Canadian Football League turned to You.i Engine to develop a cross-platform mobile app that could harness all aspects of their promotion, including content management, monetization, ad serving, and live data tracking. Most of all, they needed to capture the fun and excitement of their brand without restrictions.

A vision of seamless platforms integration

The Canadian Football League is Canada’s premiere sports league dedicated to providing Canadian football fans with an exciting experience on and off the field. Valtech worked closely with You.I TV to deliver CFL Mobile on iOS and Android. YOU.I Engine was the only technology that allowed CFL to deliver their vision of the application seamlessly on both platforms. 

You.i Engine is built on the principles of a video game engine, a software platform used to deliver today’s most popular video games across devices through the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). Using a single codebase to deliver stunning, highly performant interfaces through the GPU on any device, You.i Engine plugs directly into the Adobe After Effects, and exports every design detail directly into code. For CFL, that meant designers were free to define every aspect of the visual design, from the motion designs to the layout, without touching a single line of code.

Ipad CFL

An enhanced user experience with fans driven features 

With the new mobile app, fans can:

  • View the live 3D Game Tracker
  • Browse game by game player and team’s stats
  • Watch a comprehensive library of videos    

"Our team cares deeply about delivering the best experience we possibly can for our fans, whether they’re with us in person or online,” said Christina Litz, the CFL’s Senior Vice-President of Content and Marketing. “When we were building CFL Mobile, You.i Engine was the only option that allowed us to realize our vision for the new application, without having to compromise on any detail for the fans."

CFL Iphone

You.i Engine, a pure player to disrupt media industry

You.i TV is a privately held company serving TV and media companies worldwide with a multi-screen video app platform that creates fans, engages users and converts consumers from a single code base. You.i Engine lets brand owners build a more personalized, profitable experience across all platforms – mobile devices, set-top boxes, consoles, and streaming devices. Designers bring their vision to life and developers are unencumbered by platform constraints. You.i TV products power some of the most popular TV applications in market today for Sony Crackle, Turner Broadcasting, shomi and various brands under the Corus Entertainment umbrella. TV and media companies have licensed You.i Engine to deliver breathtaking user experiences, fast time to market, and compelling total cost of ownership for apps in all industry sub-segments: entertainment, kids, sports, and news.