Mary Kay

A make-up shot for better harmony

Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a worldwide leader in the cosmectic industry and has one mission, to ensure brand consistancy accross the world. 

The ascent 

Mary Kay was founded in 1963 and based in Addison, Texas outside Dallas. Mary Kay was the sixth largest multi-level marketing company in the world in 2015 with a wholesale volume of US$3.7 billion.

One mission 

The corporate office mission is to develop a global marketing strategy to ensure brand consistancy acrros the world. However each contry has different realities with the need to adapt the strategy to local market specificies. The goal of Toolkit project is to provide assets for these project with the mission of promoting new campaigns and new products globally, improving user-experience to ultimately increase conversion.

Hand in hand 

With Sharepoint, Sitecore and HTML technologies and as the digital extension of the creative Department, Valtech is translating Mary Kay artistic direction for the digital ecosystem. Valtech supports Mary Kay for every quartely collection, or every product launch by defining and developing the marketing vision for the website. This is what we call Toolkit, a set of digital assets distibuted to the markets to support a specific campaign.

To be even more stronger 

We monitor earch quarter the market adoption rate for our toolkits thanks to analytics and different type of testing.