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Ivanhoé Cambridge

Ivanhoé Cambridge, a global real estate industry leader, invests in high-quality properties and companies for change the way we shop

The promise 

The largest shopping centre built in Canada keeps the promise of a strong local economy and a new state of the art retail experience. Inspired by the magnitude of this projet, Valtech worked with Ivanhoé Cambridge to come up with a visibility, acquisition and drive to store conversion campaign on a variety of digital channels (social media, email, website) to help make the launch a success, in conjunction with a public relations campaign. 

Step by Step 

Ivanhoé Cambridge with Valtech developed the website tsawwassenmills.com, a responsive and user-friendly site that reflects the information needs of shoppers. In addition to designing the website, Valtech created an email acquisition strategy to build a rich database and encourage consumers to attend the opening by offering them a contest and gift card. 

The race 

The campaign, which ran for almost two months leading up to the opening and the first few weeks after the opening, reached over 26,000 consumers by email and brought 11,000 consumers to the shopping centre to enter the contest. A unique platform for managing coupons and entering the contest was created, including an algorithm designed for awarding instant rewards by draw.
Because of the campaign’s success, consumers were soon flocking to the shopping centre!

The Cherry on the cake 

During the week mall opening 230,000 consumers visited the Tsawwassen Mills website, 10,781 personalized coupons were picked up and the conversion rate for redeeming coupons was 30% via email. In only 2 months 24,276 consumers subscried to the Tsawwassen Mills newsletter