When building your new home gets real with VR


BMR is currently #5 in the Canadian ranking among lumber and renovation centers with 325 stores across Eastern part of Canada and concentrated in Ontario and Quebec.

In order to generate interest towards technology and innovation among its community: suppliers and franchisers during its big BMR show in Quebec in Nov. 2016, valtech develops and deploys a platform showcasing use of a full extent Room Scale VR system for product visualization and VR commerce (HTC Vive). 

The experience sets the participants into a Full Room Virtual Reality Experience to design their new kitchen and/or new outdoor patio featuring the client’s products and commercial partners within the virtual representation. The total number of possible combinations for the 18 interactive products is over 16,000! 

  • Choose Patio or Kitchen renovation
  • Freely move into the environment (Using Room Scale VR)
  • View the product in 360 degrees and real dimensions
  • Apply material and colors choices
  • See products features
  • Add preferences
  • Get recommendations and reviews
  • Purchase

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