Reinventing the customer experience in the world of finance.

PenSam Bank

Paving the way for the future of online banking

Ten years ago, if someone had suggested that cash would gradually disappear, that cell phones would be the primary method of payment and that robots would be offering us advice, we might not have believed it.

To deal with this new world, banks are creating parallel products (financial analysis apps, payment apps...) to distinguish themselves and reach younger, nomadic clients, who have limited interest in banking products and who are hard to funnel into the many channels. Are clients today making life hard for financial institutions?

The client is the key, and this is why Valtech works in partnership with financial institutions on:

Managing the customer experience

  • Quantitative and qualitative evaluations (customer satisfaction, retention, acquisition)
  • Identifying and defining client personas (needs, expectations, frustrations)
  • Identifying key moments in the clients’ lives
  • Mapping stages in the purchase of financial products and analyzing the experience
  • Mapping the customer journey

Personalizing the customer experience and content

  • Content strategy
  • Producing content for specific clienteles and products
  • Integrating this content and personalized campaigns: Adobe Marketing Cloud after automation to put targeted, personalized campaigns online
  • Data collection and analysis

Technologically integrating the customer experience and prototyping

  • Developing virtual financial assistants (chatbots)
  • Training sales teams using virtual reality
  • Implementing Adobe Experience Management platforms

Our experts explore all of these areas, analyzing major trends and new realities in the industry – digital money, blockchain and artificial intelligence – while working closely with the industry to develop new ways to capture attention and improve the user experience. 

We work with major providers of financial services

We have implemented our approach for insurance, estate management, investment banking and retail, as well as in payment institutions, central banks, credit agencies and stock markets.